Be smart, don't get us on blocklists... Blacklists limit our reach, and we are hardly the echo-chamber types in general. We do block certain things, particularly image content that is illegal for us to store here... By block, it's really a silence, which still allows you to follow users in those places, just doesn't dump those servers content into the general feed. We are totally fine with reasonable discourse on whatever subject members see fit however, we don't condone abuse of / discrimination of any belief structure what so ever (except for the kiddie thing which is detestable), provided it's not harmful to others. Harm in this case is not exclusive/limited to physical harm, and also includes actions that are deliberately meant to cause undue distress, pain, suffering towards others. There is a fine line, and mostly if you are here you know the line, we shouldn't have to remind you. You know if you are doing it, and so do we and we will sort it promptly, and perhaps even return it in kind... Do on to others.

Decentralized keyboard cowboys in a digital wasteland searching for enlightenment from the immortal baud.