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Long post: Mastodon, newbies, an India server 

I'm guessing that all of us newbies who've flooded in looking for a Twitter alternative should, sooner or later, build our own instance on a safe server.

It's a big plus for me that Mastodon's structure doesn't encourage the dangerous vanity of high follower counts/ celeb profiles. Smaller groups, focused on specific interests, with higher levels of trust: I could buy into that future.

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So after tour dog licks their stuff, how long till you let them lick your face? Asking for a friend.

Due to the needs of one of our VIP viewers, will be playing Killer Klowns from Outer Space again at UTC 02:00:00 Nov 9... Thankyou...

I mean... I feel like the bones hurt more than they should...

sorry about the little glitch there, forgot about spaces... For whatever reason it makes it do that couple second stupidness... All good now.

Had to repost this cause I forgot the preview thing does the first link... A little annoying to remember when you don't use some kinda template...

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Just a helpful reminder is in full swing at the ol and it's playing that Army of Darkness movie no one has heard of.


I do a pile of viking stuff on the side of this whole "tech" thing...

I'm the world's first fully functioning *lipsmack*

(There is a ton of references, only true nerds would catch them all...)

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Handy repository of template rejection letters to respond to recruiter inquiries citing specific unethical practices for different Big Tech cos. So far contains letters for Amazon, Facebook, Palantir and Uber.

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📣 Welcome 📣

We'd like to formally welcome our newest users. We ❤️ seeing all the new registrations and posts on the local timeline.

Please remember the admin and mod team are here to help. Please reach out, we are here to help.

We welcome reports of spam, hate speech, bad actors and more via the standard reporting tools (click the ... menus for ways to report).

We are a federated network like e-mail and we work hard to admin/moderate our instance so our users have a good experience.

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Big boost of 72 users new users the last 24 hours (Usually its about 10 users a day here). Not sure how long it will last but I want to welcome you all. Feel free to message me anytime if you have questions or just want to chat.

For those of you curious of the source it is most likely coming from the drama regarding the Indian judge and Twitter. He was wrongfully banned there and made a public statement about moving to mastodon. Several people followed in his footsteps in protest.

I'd imagine most of us here probably left under similar circumstances, fear of abusive moderation.


So will be a little late UTC 00:30:00 today/tomorrow Nov 9, because of mostly my laziness, but also a slight clock sync problem...

That said we are going to see Army of Darkness circa 1992 for our amusement...

Only on

Wait are those just bowls from like the paper plate isle?

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Joining #EllaHour for Killer Klowns from Outer Space, a film utterly unknown to me. But with a title like that it must be a sober meditation on first contact scenarios, and worthy of curation in the Criterion Collection.

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The eponymous Killer Klowns have especially grotesque faces. But this overweens given that a usual clown is terrifying to so many. Clowns rest neatly in the uncanny valley between human and cartoon. Killer Klowns tell truth about the edges of human nature and the roots of the comic in horror.


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📣 Trust your admins -- IMPORTANT 📣

Remember admins and [most] moderators CAN SEE your private messages *and* followers only posts/toots.

So can any hosting provider used for hosting an instance.

TRUST is important. If we can't trust Twitter we need to ensure an instance's admin/mod team can be trusted too.

We are part of a federated, interwoven network. Trust is not what it seems at a glance.
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@Psyborg I posted a toot with a link to a migration guide a few toots ago 🤔

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