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USPOL: Iran Stuff (Maybe unpopular) 

As some focus on decentralization we have this creature trying to push centralization to it's inevitable end, a company who is the doorway to the internet and now intranet... Orwell is here and now, he's livin large...

USPOL: Air Base Damage 


re: USPOL 


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It's been over a year since the last episode of the Cyberpunk Librarian podcast. Since then I moved to a different state, got a new job, and bought a new house.

It's 2020.

It's time.

And I'm coming back, baby.

#librarylife #cyberpunk #HIghTechLowBudget

RE: Admission of a reformed blackhat 

Wow people still login to neocron forums...

Uspol: war 

Watching back to the future cause I dunno we're in the future?!

Did I mention I got one of these for xmas? As it melts it reveals a metal skeleton... I haven't found the heart to start burning it yet...

They end up roughly like this but I mean they can be shaped however or whatever really...

You'll end up with something like this to feed to the pasta machine...

For the noodle you need this essentially, and some egg wash (forget what you heard use the entire egg, better protean balance anyways)...

Then you need filling, here we have some crab, shallot, reserved garlic from the wine cook off for the béchamel, salt some ricotta, lil parm, lil dijon mustard, and lil mozz...

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