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@Venom watch this documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Anand Patwardhan -Ram ke Naam (In The Name of Ram), a definite account of the Ayodhya case.
It's been sometime after this was made but it will give a good understanding on how a right-wing party made its way into electoral politics using religion to foment trouble and attacking and destroying the communal harmony of India. You can watch the documentary for just the sheer meticulousness and sincerity of the filmmaker.

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Hope to see more Mastodon servers pop up to share the load!

If you want your server to be advertised on, check out for conditions and instructions (but please mind I won’t be able to process submissions until at least tomorrow when I get home)

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#newuser from #India may find it difficult to #contribute via #cryptocurrency or

1) cryptocurrency is banned in India

2) international "payment gateway" like #Patreon requires #international payment card. India users are restricted to may payment easily.

3) solution, may be have #Paypal account to receive contribution.

4) with Indian #mobile number, you can set up mobile #wallet with #PayTM & other #service.


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Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

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My recurring thought on writing "SNMP Mastery":

There is so much bad here, I'm failing to capture even a fraction of it. This book will disappoint everyone.

Best I can do is to provide a Map of Foul Entities. A Tome of Horrors. Really, this book *is* the Networknomicon...

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I am not on @stux's server, but they are a cutie; trying sincerely to accommodate India accounts. Big shout-out.

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Today’s my birthday so I thought I’d give you all a little present:

@small-tech/https, a batteries-included plug-and-play replacement for the Node.js https module with automatic provisioning of both locally-trusted and globally-trusted certificates (via mkcert and Let’s Encrypt)

Happy birthday y’all! :awesome: 🎉

Adding to the thing (most of my would be suggestions have already been suggested many many times at this point) but add @es2600fm to the list!

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So yes, here are out crypto addresses!

Ether: 0x3d0145BA116cC2B4d3b686FfE06A986dFCf19E7c

#mstdn #support #love

I've never even watched wrestling... O_o

I also grew like 150 "friends" in like 7 minutes for no reason I can think of...

So for fun, profit, whatever, I decided to post something on my crap bogus account that was never me, mostly cause it strangely had followers/friends/whatever they call them.

So I did it just to hit the followers with a message, and then went into requests and started just hitting accept on like everything cause it's bogus anyways... The accepted requests are apparently triggering some kinda mad algo angry about over 1k in a certain amount of time, which is awesome, and I have people like "wrestlers?!" asking if We have met, which is also awesome.

There is a certain level of amusement there... And it reminds me why I don't do that platform...

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My dude Sean's wife is in a bad place and they need some financial help to cover medical bills.

I highly recommend you join his membership community. I wouldn't be where I am without the friends I've made in this community and the knowledge people drop on me every day.

Here's the story. CW lots of mental health stuff.

@es2600fm Can I just say, I love the new avatar! Thanks, please continue.

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