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the end of that rant 

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Asking for help 

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Hey, everyone! :blobbandage:

I'm going through a lot right now and I've been postponing this post with hope that things would settle positively, but I need to ask for financial help, here.

I don't have the spoons to explain the situation fully.

So... In short, for at least the next 3 months getting groceries and paying for meds and physio will be a struggle, as someone in the family is getting sacked while in debt.

It's fucked up and my anxiety levels are skyrocketing, which isn't good also because stress is one of my MS triggers. :_catsad:

If you can help in any way, our PayPal is:

Boosts welcome & thank you! :blobblush:

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@grainloom Among general-purpose programming languages, Python is actually one of my favorites.

Yes, it's slow and sluggish. It is interpreted. It is garbage-collected. It's everything one would hate about highly-abstracted languages.

But it has a strong idea behind it. The idea of a programming language being a practical tool for humans. The result is an absurdly ergonomic language, everything in it serves this purpose. You don't have to litter your head too much with technical bullshit, you just tell the computer generally what to do and when, and the language takes care of the rest.

And in my opinion this justifies it being high-level. After all, that's what high-level is for.

P.S. If you are interested in using some of the unused/abandoned tv signal spectrum in the US give me a DM... ;)

Shout out to all the types that want some cool OTV shows, what kinda channels you want exactly? scifi? Music? Retro? I wanna know cause, to be honest let's have good tele..

OTV wants to go multi channel, but we need to get the uhhh what does them companies say, basic package, figured out...

For proof, my husky has no clue what is going on and is hiding from the ...

Soooo it's like raining here, and its also high 80's low 90's blue sky as well...

Raining hot water is... weird...

It's not a fluke that different content is viewable (or not) with ff installed (or not), readily reproducible, on a very basic centos7 minimal server install....

Ok mastodon... Why is it a pain to see some content and not other content depending on if I install ffmpeg or not...

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#Ecosia allows all employees to participate in #FriedaysForFurture demonstrations accounting it working time. Even if you get arrested it’s still working time.

German article:

So we need to do it. All companies. Organized in an one-world-scientific-government. That would be great.

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:WeAreNameless:​ September is the B-day of both Hackers and #WeAreNameless, so we're gonna watch...

You guessed it: Hackers!

Time/Date: 2019-09-15 at 22:00 UTC!

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Holy crap 5 gigs of headers on my masto instance wtf is that about?!

Sooo much max headroom... I should really put the second season up, but I have been having other maintenance issues to deal with...

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I am a web designer and developer. I specialized in usability and accessibility.

I'm here to help with those things. Just ask nicely.

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I'm not really sure what they actually want me to put here, nor do I care. It's a random mastodon instance, that will likely change to whatever tech is decided to be the most useful at the time...