@lesbianhacker @lesbiangoth Cat's don't need any help destroying the world... Everything is going according to plan. :blobcat0_0:

@thegibson You mean dead? I think he means dead...🤔​

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It's not at all, what we foresee as our future... O_o

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@Eden @grainloom Everything about this conversation I love, I happen to live in a spot that you can get things unpackaged etc. That said, the margins don't change, and in fact, it comes out more expensive to buy in a eco friendly way.

So you pay a tax essentially to be more conscious...

There are a million reasons why, but I suspect transport is the primary reason, it's cheaper for them to send it further in some kind of packaging so, they pass the cost on to the consumer... It's a constant irritation...

This is of course a US problem, we have very little in the way of small independent markets, they can't really compete price wise, only in morals, which sadly translates in that being significantly more expensive, and there by less viable for the majority...

@Koreko @ocean There is obviously only one choice in this poll...

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@rick_777 This already mostly happens... It's not digital which will make it worse, but none of the "wealthy" spend any time trying to look at the impoverished... That will basically continue as corps get bigger and stronger, and individuals, who are more than happy to hand over their identity to the systems in place, continue to do that, under the guise of a free useful service...

How many people get at least a part of their paycheck from facebook generated revenue in some way... Sure a few steps removed, but if the business that is cutting your check advertises with FB (they do trust me) you are owned by facebook... And that's just one example...

Shit, I'm feeling very political today apparently... ;)

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@codesections I don't care at all, but I also am never in any kind of hurry where I would classify myself as "being cut off" either.

USPOL: Immigration 

LOLz I was just told that everyone at someones work was signing up for Disney+ because of all the content, and she was like... uhhh we have all that so... not so much... lolz

@ben Pokemon have no butthole... It's weird, but I think I'm disqualified cause I'm speaking truth...

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