@l4nn1312 And there is method to that, lots of exceptional hacker presentations in german (among other things) spanish is just good to have if you are in north america, also somewhat portable to some of the other latin american languages, Chinese is good for any number of reasons but also somewhat portable.

French can be useful but not nearly as portable as those.

@drwho It's not my favorite classic cover, it no youtu.be/MfMa2lrFxhY but I mean still good.

@drwho Yep, though subtly different lyrically, quite decent... And strangely relevant these days.

Trapped at home with nothing to do? Consider learning a new language for fun!

@PFreak Tell ya what when I get a little time to actually put the patches on our git, I'll give ya access how bout that ;) @0x00 @mrjunge

@PFreak @0x00 @mrjunge masto has a number of those issues... I mean they are fixable :P

@PFreak @0x00 @mrjunge There would be display ui changes to filter that out and put an indicator if some sort with hover over keyid, the reason I haven't done this is it would need to extend the masto api among other things, And would need logic to understand servers that support it vs not, to avoid exactly that.

@PFreak @0x00 @mrjunge I have considered putting some pgp sign and verify functionality into masto but I dunno how many would actually find that useful.

@ella_kane @Mnemonic @liaizon

That might be a good idea now that people are basically trapped at home...

@Mnemonic @ella_kane @liaizon During the halloween season, I would play a random crappy horror flick at UTC 00:00:00 every day.

@ella_kane @liaizon @Mnemonic Maybe throw up some virus flicks ya know, keep it on topic :P

@ella_kane @liaizon @Mnemonic I could bring zerohour back, I haven't done it in quite some time.

USPOL/Joke: Money 

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