Am I the only person who feels like mails like this are opportunistic? It sounds good in paper mind you, but still...

@seven "charitable" and luxury services should never go together in the same sentence. we can do fine without restaurants

@seven def opportunistic. If they truly cared about small restaurants they’d be lobbying hard for paid sick leave, a pandemic stipend for temporarily out of work employees and rallying their customers to the cause.

@seven this email is about gr*bhub projecting a charitable image and not about the user base they leech off of. (Remember when all you had to do was phone in an order, no middle person siphoning and selling your private info???)

@seven well, with a lot of people being laid off or getting unpaid leave for a while when the nature of their job doesn't allow them to work from home, it is opportunistic.
I think most people should be careful about their spending habits while they're confined a they don't know when they'll be paid next.
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