Carved some kinda weird black stuff out of the palm of my hand... It's been there for a couple months or whatever, I finally decided enough was enough, grabbed a thumbtack and dug it out... I wonder if it was important somehow... 🤔​


was it blinking red and black before this? and did it just glow red the day before that?

@Nikolai_Kingsley I'm not entirely sure, it was in the center of my palm though O_o like some kinda stigmata... So I would say maybe...

@seven “important” 😆

Was it fleshy? Might want to get it biopsied or some shit.

@Lexilaughs Ehhhhh I mean, I'm reasonably safer than say someone on a plane from Wuhan... ;)

@seven cancers aren’t contagious less you’re a Tasmanian devil, dog or soft shelled clam.

@Lexilaughs I'm not most of those, I was kinda aiming for leprosy so I can claim it's gods affliction on me for my vanity...

@seven if not tho you could probably get some bad ass white ink skin rip tattoos to simulate leprosy.

@seven haha, I’d go for it!

I’m planning out some tats right now actually so that sort of stuff is on my mind.

@Lexilaughs It's exhausting the options... I'm working on bits of a back piece and the rest of an arm piece... They are... Addicting...

@seven yeah I’m like of the mind that I either want absolutely none or to have them everywhere but my face lol.

Leaning towards the latter.

@Lexilaughs I like stuff you can cover if you want to, gokudō style... Or maybe mullet style (I'll let whoever is reading look up both) but essentially, I like it when you can show it if when you want and not when you don't...

@seven certainly identifiable markings are a concern to me... for reasons, though I am starting to dgaf about that, there’s other means to shape shift around surveillance.

There is a cool artist in the capitol near me that does work like this. I’m going to get a sleeve in this style to start I think.

@Lexilaughs That's fully awesome, it's an investment, not gunna lie, they are not fucking cheap...

As for identifiable markings, well, there are ways around that, just need to know some people, if you can't do the ways yourself... ;)

@seven yeah paying for it won’t be so fun.

Haha, and I’ve got a trick or two up my sleeve. :)

@Lexilaughs Any tricks that get you proper ink are basically tricks worth doing. ;)

@Lexilaughs best I get is sympathy for some of my bad ones, they tend to just, work on that a little and cut me a deal on the other stuff...

@seven hahah I meant tricks in regards to identifiable markings!!
Not turning them

@Lexilaughs Right I mean that's what I meant. Markings are hard to... disguise...

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