Man I just don't get peoples obsession with paper... Why would you want anything important to only exist /or even exist, in paper?!

Paper can have different weights textures and fires off my primal need to possess things in my grasp

@seven There are many advantages of writing over digital storage:

  • unaffected by EM fields
  • inherently human-readable, as long as people have eyes
  • very practical for consultation (less so for creation / modification)

@seven no matter how many times I look at the electronic version, I won't find half the typos until it's printed. I wish it weren't so. I have to write up, print, edit; and for fiddly things, repeat 2x more times.

@seven paper is the goddamn worst. Snail mail can ruin my day. Paper is such a waste of time.

@Pidg30n I could live without a single piece of mail again, and thats with the dodgiest postman in the world where there is a good chance if I actually wanted something, I wouldn't get it for weeks/ever... Dude was burning one down in my driveway a couple days ago on his cell talking about the best strip club... Not with my permission just cause that's when he decided to, I'm not entirely faulting him for doing him, but, fuck mail...

@Pidg30n Even if it was a check "not bloody likely" they would inform me of the failure via a medium that's from our century and offer alternatives also from our century... Anything else is literally nothing I want, unless I ordered a package...

@seven Gold plates are too expensive, and stone and clay are too heavy and takes up. Which makes paper the only reasonably-priced data storage medium that has been proven to last centuries. There are digital storage media that are claimed to be able to last that long, but as no digital storage technique has even existed for centuries, those claims remain untested.

@freakazoid I wont live centuries so... I'm not sure it's existence beyond my own is necessary...

@seven You survived the (end of) 19th Century, you never know.

@seven You survived the (end of) 20th Century, you never know.

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