Hello! Seeking some like minded individuals to work on a hybrid fedi project... Can't guarantee fame, success, glory, or riches, but anything could happen. ;) Need some python enthused types and some people handy with making palatable art/vid/docs...

Sliding into DM's or hitting me up on matrix: seven@chat.panthermodern.net is the best way to query if interested in a . side project (no actual time commitment really...

Still working on getting some funding but there will be some funding (is a few things in the works once some POC work is completed).

Python FastAPI, ActivityPub, Matrix knowledge a plus... :P

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@umgeher I mean give me a compelling argument... ;)

@seven well, erlang's nature is distributed computing/system...


@umgeher Hummm yes, you are not wrong about that aspect, it wasn't really on the project radar but it's worth looking at for certain things, still not high on the project scope, happy to talk to you about the scope directly.

@umgeher Yes and no, thing is I don't want anyone to beat us to it, so have to kinda have a "web of trust"... :/

@umgeher Pruddy much going against all advice to just bring people in if that makes sense... Apparently money matter (it sadly does, my kids gotta eat).

@umgeher Let's put it this way, some things are built a certain way, not a ton of things are built at the start with other things in mind, so you could say the dev process is backwards from what you'd expect, because we are talking platform... If that makes any kind of sense...

@umgeher So yes there is a very defined concept, even how you get there, and even some rough POC stuff, but it needs... Streamlining... And entirely more work than one person can accomplish individually ;)

@umgeher But not a closed project or anything like that, just need to get it off and running. ;) Before some greedy corp takes it, patents it, does it...

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