Scottish National Party leader says Boris Johnson has no mandate to take Scotland out of the EU and demands independence vote


@Gargron I'm not sure she knows how to be on tele and not call for independence...

@seven I think BoJo's cabinet should allow IndyRef2 to happen simply to see if the madwoman can do it or waste yet more taxpayer money in trying with futility. They'd blame Westminster either way.

@seven @Gargron If Scotland is given / allowed this independence vote, which results in them voting to leave the UK. Will their taxes need to rise in order to offset what they currently get from the UK government to pay for services e.g schools, health, policing, defence etc etc? If so by how much. if Scotland then joins NATO it would have to commit 2% of GDP to NATO a cost which is, I guess, at present shared by the whole of the UK.
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