Testing mast app to see if this has a CW by default I can simply do nothing about...

@freakazoid Yeah it actually seems to be tied to the notification thing (I tired to reply to your post a few times and got a crash).

But in the Mast client they show ip as CW, in fact every post I do regardless of scope shows CW on my side...

@freakazoid Yeah, I mean, I want to love it but it has some issues... ;)


@freakazoid @JPEG

Some content that is supposed to be CW is fully not and immediately displayed, which suggests, at least for me, that it is opposite of intended behavior.

Missing content though, that is fully available from the web via mobile device, is probably the most concerning, it's not all content, but definitely bits a pieces, not in any order that I can determine either, time, account name, account id, fully random... I haven't found a specific criteria yet, there is probably something, but what that something is is hard to determine. I might throw a debugger on it and see what is going on, but there is obviously a problem...


I'm fully happy to pay for it mate, but not even remotely usable for me yet, the bugs I see atm are entirely too much for me to spend much, other than to help out... :/

I do very much like the interface over all but, for money, I can't full justify paying over what I already have, from the web interface via mobile right now just using a browser shortcut... I have more confidence I'm not missing something that way...

I will give dev iOS a go and see how that works...


@seven @freakazoid This is really odd as it's only happening to you. Could you try a fresh reinstall please and look through the app's settings too?

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