@lucy I'm fully willing to share I have lots... 🍜​

yummy ...

i've some questions regarding noodles/ instance noodles.


@noorul Hit me with the questions, I'm somewhat an expert in the field of study.

I am India, Asia.

mostly consumer rice on daily diet. Travel other part of Asia like Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand.

Noodle is widely consumed by Chinese and for breakfast/dinner by Malay.

Since, I live in India, most readily available like Nestle instance noodle.

But i being told instant noodle unhealthy but I've witness in South Asia consume noodles all day.


So what's your say on noodle consummation ? Isn't instant noodle any different?


@noorul Instant noodle has a rather high sodium content which isn't really all that great health wise, the noodles themselves aren't that bad, it's the "flavor" packets that are killers. There are low sodium varieties, but not sure whats available locally to you. If you are thinking of making it a daily staple you can use the dried noodle with your own soup base naturally, some kind of broth and seasonings.

In Asia it's common to produce broth separately from the noodles themselves, making it a very cost effective way to feed many people. Obviously rice is a staple, but in fact you can produce more volume by making rice into noodle, increasing the cost effectiveness of noodle in general.

I make a fair amount of instant noodle, but I also make my own and use whatever rice noodle I'm feeling, and home made broths made from whatever I happen to have available (any leftover bones from a different meal gets turned to broth, and is either made into proper soup, or noodles).

Thank you for coming, @seven .

Everyone here, the entirety of the Fediverse, have some things to say.

I'll start. (reads from paper) When you are on noodles, you are a different person. The @seven I know and love is angrier. Fuelled by noodle-rage you push the people who love you the most away. When you are off noodles you are grumpy and moody. All told, you have stolen $6.4 million dollars from to fund you noodle addiction. The peaks are as bad as the highs.

I will let someone else speak...

@Ventronik I love everything about this and it's all true.


I am just disappointed that no one else in the Fediverse participated in your Noodle Intervention.

They are the silent majority and their suffering was just too much.

@Ventronik I think there are far more noodle addicts on fedi than are willing to admit it.


Cue 90's charity advert:

"We hear at 'Feed the Children Anything Other Than Noodles, dear God ANYTHING Else' are asking for donations to help the little ones" (@seven lifts a small child up) "This italian child has been fed nothing but noodles his whole life. We engaging in efforts to get him on ANYTHING else. Right now he is on a steady diet of risotto until it is safe to go to a diet purely of Italian Sausage"

Scene change
(@seven lifts up a small Asian child)

"In Asia alone... "

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