Ya know, I really hate Windows... It's easily my least favorite OS ever... I mean sure it's better than it was, but it's still shit...

@seven I think Windows 10 is much worse than older Windows versions like even Vista.

Vista, despite the hate it gets, was pretty good. Good design, nice security features, etc. People hate Vista because it required a monstrosity of a computer to run smoothly. I happened to have a pretty beefy computer back then so no big deal.

Windows 10 on the other hand takes the liberty to infest your OWN start menu with bullshit ads. What the fuck? Who ever thought injecting ads and telemetry into every single corner of the OS was a good idea? Well I mean, surely Microsoft is getting shitloads of money but still seems like a very asshole move in regards to customers... I'll keep using macOS for the time being.

@0x00 To be fair, you have to disable some things or spotlight is almost as bad. That said I fully agree, ad's in your main menu to do thing, is beyond dick move. When I posted that, I was trying to sort a machine, that was having problems running some very basic software, and microsofts own updater couldn't figure out how to update it. I ended up having to download microsofts updater wizard "a updater thats outside of the os updater) to update the OS which shockingly worked... O_o

I mean if the external updater always works why not just use that for OS updates and scrap the inbuilt one... If you have to disable the things inbuilt AV to get the fucker to update, you as an OS vendor are fully doing it wrong. Why have a troubleshooting wizard if it doesn't suggest downloading the external from OS updater tool? If you know it fails enough the you engineered a separate tool, don't you think you should fix that rather than make a separate tool?!

@0x00 I can see the meeting now in the project management war room:

"So the in built update only works like 36% of the time followed by an error none of the developers have ever seen before because we didn't document the error codes in a meaningful way."

"Hummmmm well that's a problem... Wait, I got it, let's make an installable updater that can just download the packages and install them!"

"Brilliant! I'll get some interns to pump that out before launch day."



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