@dpreacher i mean, you can just look it up in Postgres. There isn't a UI for it, but anyone with database access can access any of the information on any instance

@melissasage @dpreacher shouldn’t DMs be encrypted for privacy’s sake atleast ? maybe it’s part of the roadmap ?

@Fx86 @dpreacher as far as I know, I believe encryption is being discussed for the ActivityPub protocol (the protocol that lets different Mastodon instances talk to each other and other open source social media like Pleroma, Peertube, Pixelfed etc.), but finding a way to implement encryption that doesn't also break federation isn't trivial.


@melissasage @Fx86 @dpreacher Encryption has long been the bane of the current system, it's a constant privacy topic for certain. Everyone has different ideas about what that solution should look like. Further, the new influx I'm certain will bring some talented people with experience on the subject to the project with new ideas on how to approach that problem.

But for now, trust in your server administrator is basically critical, and most admins with users beyond themselves take that very seriously, especially if they want to keep those users. It would get around rather fast if they violated that trust, and probably find their instance being blocked across the fedi...

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