OK, tonight for UTC 00:00:00 (teh on we have Warlock The Armageddon circa 1993

A relatively uncommon film staring, Julian Sands (this dude was in some of the great terrible horror flicks of the late 80's early 90's and a ton of other stuff that would probably surprise you) and is very classic, in the genre... I mean at least to an old school horror nerd like me...

Right now it's just, some Max Headroom Season 2. Dunno if anyone cares about that, but it's going till 000000 and and then continuing after the movie...

@seven I always remember Julian Sands best as Franz Liszt in the lovely art comedy Impromptu.

@seven I wonder if a reboot of Max Headroom would have any impact today. And how would it exactly be? Who would be max headroom? And how would he communicate with us? A youtube channel? A darknet address? A software which you could install on your PC, or cellphone?

@rick_777 Right how would it work now based on nows tech... Which is amusing because the tech they were using didn't really exist either then... So it would be our perception on future tech?!

@seven exactly! I think it'd be a mix of apple aesthetics and today's politics?

@rick_777 I think it would pretend to be people we interact with... After all how best to sway opinions on things..?

But Max's goal isn't too merely influence, but to expose the truth. He'd need to be an online personality...

With his videos verified with his crypt-sig!

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