Things that make me somewhat angry today:

Somehow Amazon Prime knows to "suggest" things like outerlimits to me... And I'm far more cautious than the average user... 🤔​

@seven the average consumer group you're a part of is all they needed to determine recommendations

@y0x3y And how do they define my "average consumer group"

@seven probably some sort of kmeans algorithm based on various inputs they have available.

what I'm trying to get at is your recommendations are not based on how careful you are.

data gains value in volume

@y0x3y I'm getting at, I think suggestions are based on snooping and some other bits of data based on that snooping. ;)

@seven it's certainly based on snooping

im just not sure its necessarily voice snooping :P

@y0x3y I mean, I'm not sure, but I am suspicious...

@y0x3y Reason I posted this is because it wasn't until 30 hours after I actually had vocal conversation with someone about otv content specifically outerlimits being mentioned, it stuck out, as it's somewhat random, and otv had been playing it for a couple months at that point. I don't take much stock in coincidence. There is a ton of talk about yarn in my house currently, and "magically" I'm getting a large amount of yarn ad/suggestions...

@seven The problem I'm reading in this post is that you have Amazon Prime

@se7en I do have prime, but no "alexa" devices...

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