robot at the grocery store last night. definitely creeped out watching it wander the store on its own. those googly eyes don’t fool anyone. customers around me were all pretty unnerved too.


That seems like an awfully specific use for such a large platform and formfactor.

I feel like that thing should do more than that.

@thegibson i’m not convinced that it’s limited to spill detection. it moves so slowly by the time it gets from one end of the store to the other the spill will be reported and cleaned. nah. it’s gotta be doing other info gathering.

@rick_777 @thegibson it's on the front. the googly eyes are actually on the side. the camera is in the front, about halfway up.


@pixelpaperyarn @rick_777 @thegibson All I need to know is, where is the PSU and how well protected it is...

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