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USPOL: Irony 

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@seven well, with a lot of people being laid off or getting unpaid leave for a while when the nature of their job doesn't allow them to work from home, it is opportunistic.
I think most people should be careful about their spending habits while they're confined a they don't know when they'll be paid next.

Am I the only person who feels like mails like this are opportunistic? It sounds good in paper mind you, but still...

Just another nitter mirror:

Had some odd alterations, and a few more to come, but hey, lurk some twitter/birdsite whatever. Don't forget you can comma separate stuff I.E.

I don't generally repost mainstream posts much but...

And why aren't you listening to Sundays at 7pm PST...

How did people wipe before 1857...? 🤔​

USPOL: Emergency 

USPOL: Covid/Trump 

What kind of server webui are people using these days for linux boxes? I'm just curious if anything new and exciting is out there.

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Uspol: covid 

I'll admit, there are worse places for freedom, but seriously... Rules are rules, every country has them.. we have states too, which have other rules which may or may not agree with federal rules... We have more rules than we can actually come up with things to do...


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