This is the basic problem with older scifi, the tech just doesn't age well. At least Alien(x) or Star Wars had an excuse, but stuff like Star Trek has a hard time...

Sooo I dunno why Nov 14 in Boston, I really don't, however Leonard Nimoy Day (Boston where he was born) should be recognized (good job google, you rec all kinds of crap no one cares about, yet not this day...) anyhow...

Start Trek III was the first Star Trek thing he directed (correct me if I am wrong here) so, I will throw it up for because it makes good sense...

UTC Nov 15 00:00:00 (that's in like 40 or so for those not in UTC+ which is still the 14th for those of us...)

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Friendly reminder that your DMs and "followers only" posts are all visible to your instance administrator, who (in addition to their hosting provider) can be compelled with a warrant to disclose the contents to law enforcement.

If you want to organize political protests or engage in activities that law enforcement would take an interest in, fediverse servers are not the right place to do that.

Banning cop/law enforcement accounts literally does nothing to help you, just FYI.

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asking for help for a friend 

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BlackFire Security will be offering a greatly reduced price for Vulnerability Analysis next week. The special will run for two weeks.

Enquire at if you or your organization is interested. We will fit your budget.

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I feel like I have a playbook I’m developing.

Maybe I should write something.

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So it’s interesting to me that so many infosec peeps lose track of the goal.

Ultimately we are doing our work, whether blue, red, or purple, to improve outcomes in the face of an incident.

If there are tools you can use to social engineer resistant clients into accepting the extant risks involved with their current infosec hygiene, we should use them. It doesn’t have to be malicious if it gets them to the right place.

Wait what, Gibson! No way we did that on purpose...

AGAIN!!!!! I jacked Someday... I will get that sorted, in the meantime I figure... UTC 01:30:00 Nov 14 we will have Wanted circa 2008

Which is like not super old but over a decade and features NIN... Anyhow...

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@seven yeah, opened an account with revolut. But that seems too far for old vietnamese shop lady to investigate.

Risk acceptance.

Sooooo I was lazy today, cause of other things so we will be doing the old pre DST which as of this moment is UTC 01:00:00 Nov 13 for your viewing pleasure and amusement... Today/Tomorrow it's Vampires circa 1998

Hummm I was just thinking, there is probably enough audio of Alex Trebek to make a fully digital version of him that could host the show indefinitely... 🤔​

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Hey there, a few minutes late today/tomorrow UTC 00:00:00 Nov12 But... No movie today either instead we kick off a show called Kindred: The Embraced circa 1996

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