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#WeAreNameless Cherry 2000 encore @ 0800 UTC / 1700 JST / 0300 EST. JOIN US on

I don’t know if there’s gonna be much chatter, because The Joeys are gonna be poppin’ shells on HackTheBox while watching.

Why are none of the better planes available in the future?!

Moods plus how good is this, cause I think it's damn good.

Any python types out there have a good suggestion for and dirty ncurses interface lib?

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:WeAreNameless:#WeAreNameless, we have a movie session today, 14 of December, with Cherry 2000 (1987) at 23:00 UTC! :ablobcatrave:

:WeAreNameless:​ Need a place to watch? You've got #OTV:

And I still can believe thedraw is really the only thing worth using...

ZOMG I went down the ASCII art rabbithole... Here I was just wasting a little bit of time working on my BBS menus for fun, and got lost...

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:boost_ok: activism opportunities, Portland OR 

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Support the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots! “Killing in the Age of Algorithms”, a NYT documentary examining the future of artificial intelligence and warfare @BanKillerRobots

re: Status update 

Meh I guess some people can't handle their ideal society... *shrug*

Jesus, the minute everyone starts talking about twits joining fedi, I got like piles of stupid cam girl account doing what they do...

I mean, get your money girl, but seriously... Don't be fucking annoying.

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@seven This is often my go-to argument against Android in general.

Like, sure, "owning" your device is from an infosec point of view better than just using the stock rom your manufacturer shipped your device with, which could (and sometimes does) contain bloatware, adware, invasive telemetry and so on.

But "owning your device" doesn't mean "installing a random LineageOS rom from an xda developers post made by some russian 16 yo miracle tech boy.

And more often than not, making a rom yourself is literally impossible because of privative drivers, so rom makers very often resort to just throwing in some blobs from the original roms.

So basically now you not only have the manufacturer's bugs and backdoors but also potentially the russian government's and the kid backdoors (even if he was well-intentioned, he could have his Android Studio infected by a supply chain attack, this even happens to big manufacturers like Realtek so...).

Yeah I'll keep my iPhone thanks.

You know all those roms out there for all those androids, how do you know if any of them are... compromised or not?! I mean it's not like most people would have a clue... :blobcatfearful:

Why aren't we using usenet more? Is it just interface that keeps people from using it for anything other than piracy?

Somewhat longer parenting story... 

I feel like the format is just lipstick on what is essentially a mail thread. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I'm starting to think everything is just, sexy email more or less... Overcomplicated, presented in some fashionable way, email...

Silly question, why are forums still a thing exactly?

Is it the format? Nostalgia (I think many avid forum users are to remember the format in it's prime)?

I'm honestly just curious...

Hey interesting tool. I haven't came across it before, I mean I typically figure this stuff out manually...

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