IDK who igel is but someone described them to me as someone with a profound intellectual disability and is obsessed with hedgehogs.
Hope they don’t get bullied too much.

The reddit bans are one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

I fucking love it when people freak out over a company doing what companies are able to do, like the right to freedom of speech protects your speech from the government, not private corporations.

I don't have an opinion either way on the bans themselves, just love watching ppl get mad rofl.

Fuck the internet, fuck peoples opinions(my own included), it doesn't matter anyways.

I think most people take themselves too seriously, and feel that their thoughts are profound. They probably aren't though. Nothing I said here or will say here is, I'm willing to admit it. I don't matter, no one really does.

Go do something worthwhile before you die, getting mad over reddit or any other piece of bullshit isn't worth it tho, promise. Or maybe it is, I don't fucking know.

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Thoughts on the youtube/reddit ban today (30th of June) --long and deep, hence the CW 

So you were using this
(free as in: zuck your information and that of your viewers and sell it to mister global for ads of dragon dildoes)
(platform as in: shoves ads and trackers down everybody's throats)
to Earn your money? :brain1:​

You're too cheap/lazy to setup a wordpress (LOL there are better options out there, even if you use your shitty google search engine you use because you're a Newbtube attentionwhore anyway) and get into one of the money media-sharing alternatives and a shitbitchthing like patreon (probably way better stuff for that out there)
And now all your followers and content are gone? :blobcatdefecit:​

And NOW you're outraged? :blobcatdab:​

This ain't a hot take on your content, this is a hot take on you feeding the cancers of the internet data and money. Be glad it's over, move on to better alternatives, no such thing as a free lunch, someone will have to pay for servers.. But it's cheaper than your privacy and that of your followers and if that's all too expensive:

GET A REAL JOB, like real peeps have, the ones you're always talking about, or you know, make content that people want to pay for (maybe like making it 720p instead of 4K also saves a LOT of room).

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Ha! So India is leading the world with banning TikTok :ablobcatattention:​

Gonna be gone for a while to focus on myself.
See ya when I see ya I guess

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Happy Birthday Alan Turing, the computer scientist and pioneer of cryptography exploitation - he was born on this day in 1912. His historic papers and work are synonymous to many in the computing science fields, Turing was persecuted by the British government for being gay and poisoned himself tragically at the age of 41. No other life has helped shape the world we live in today as beautifully and no one should ever forget the fate men like him suffered at the hands of the UK state.

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dankwraiths law: as boosts increase linearly, the odds of getting a stupid reply increase exponentially

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Trying to find some sort of like-minded manifesto about the badness of social media...
Seems like the only peeps who agree with me are some 'new agy' manifesters talking about quitting socialmedia to manifest your desires...

But I'm serious, Politicians on twitter thinking they are in contact 'with the people' (old)media getting hard about twitter drama, headlines about facebook pedos and on the same page "how to make your profile a worthwhile watch". Informative programs in their closing credits: follow us on instagram, facebook, twitter.
Now my mom wants to have a facebook! MOM, you already zoom with my aunts and email the vacation pics back and forth.. .you don't need facebook :/

Oh and for Lucifers sake: TIKTOK... has underage girls in bikini trending (according to some podcasts I heard) while people promote this app to kids after youtube banned that pedo shit.

Mister Anderson was 37 in 1999 (born 1962) so I got have seven (lolz) years left... You better be ready Morpheus!

"Baudrillard claims that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that human experience is a simulation of reality."


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re: WWDC 

Uh... that Tomb raider demo looked like ass.

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Just looked at what's been announced so far at WWDC, don't really care for the macOS changes all that much.

I am ready for my iDroid, thanks iOS 14!

Got a lot of work done today, feeling pretty good about it.

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them: banks have ties to the media

me: yes...

them: and they profit from military equipment manufacturing and resource extraction

me: go on...

them: so they manufacture consent for war

me: yes...

them: and thats why the illuminati are planting rogue cops to sow chaos in society

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is this guy really named Norton and is he an actual doctor, or have we been lied to for all these years?


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