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hey so I'm about to be homeless again in a month
anyone that can help, I would appreciate that

People who reply with “?” are literally worse than Hitler.

Inb4 lots of replies to this post with “?” haha comedy gold

Shut the fuck up

I'm not an atheist, I believe in the Unix Philosophy


I fucking hate 2020. A Google security researcher wants people to stop using “black hat” because it is supposedly racist. Lmao. WHAT THE FUCK.

The expectation that you must follow your friends on social media is amazingly awful, and I'm glad that I usually don't have those kinds of people in my life.

That said, people are so grumpy that I don't use Twitter. :')
@Jack @0x00 @a1batross it's because telling tHe PaTrIaRcHy to jump off a bridge while getting shot by 19,000 bullets is against the rules, probably
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